Irish Lamb Shanks

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Luscious Lamb Shanks: A Hearty Delight for Your Palate

Introducing our premium selection of Fresh Grass-Fed Lamb Shanks, a true delight for meat enthusiasts and conscious food lovers alike. Sourced from trusted farms where the lambs roam freely on lush pastures, these lamb shanks embody the natural essence of high-quality, sustainably raised livestock.

Each lamb shank is carefully chosen to ensure optimal tenderness and flavor. Raised on a diet of nutrient-rich grass, these lambs develop a distinct and delectable taste profile that sets them apart. The meat boasts a subtle sweetness with hints of earthiness, a result of the lamb's natural grazing habits and a wholesome diet.

Our expert butchers hand-cut each shank to showcase the perfect balance between meat and bone. This allows for slow cooking, unlocking the full potential of these prime cuts. As the lamb shanks simmer gently, the meat tenderizes, becoming incredibly moist and juicy, while the bones infuse the surrounding flavors with richness.

When you prepare our Fresh Grass-Fed Lamb Shanks, you're not only treating yourself to an exceptional culinary experience but also supporting sustainable farming practices. The lambs are raised without the use of antibiotics or hormones, prioritizing their welfare and the preservation of the environment.

Whether you braise them to perfection in a fragrant herb-infused sauce or slow roast them with aromatic spices, these lamb shanks will elevate any meal. With their natural tenderness and exquisite taste, they make a stunning centerpiece for special occasions or a comforting, hearty meal for your family and friends.

Experience the unparalleled quality and flavour of our Fresh Grass-Fed Lamb Shanks. From the first savory bite to the last, savor the distinct taste of ethically raised lamb, and indulge in a culinary journey that combines exquisite flavour with a commitment to sustainability.


  • Breed: Textel/Dexter
  • from year-round pasture Grass-fed Lamb
  • without antibiotics, steroids, or hormones
  • Origin, slaughter, and butchering in Ireland
  • Gourmet meat from family farms Traceability "From Farm to Fork"
  • NO Feedlot/Feeding
  • Freshly vacuum-packed
  • Contents: 2 x ca. 600g Lamb Shanks 
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