Beef Short Ribs "Jacobs Ladder"

Funder´s Finest - 19,82€kg

Introducing our Irish Grass-Fed Short Ribs, often referred to as "Jacob's Ladder." These ribs are a true delicacy, sourced from Ireland's pristine pastures, and offer an exquisite dining experience. With their uniquely short and meaty bone, they are perfect for those who savor the rich, beefy flavor of ribs.

Our short ribs come from grass-fed cattle, ensuring superior taste and tenderness. We take pride in their ethical sourcing, free from hormones, antibiotics, and artificial additives, reflecting our commitment to quality and purity.

Whether you choose to Smoke them using the 3-2-1 method or slow-cook them in the oven for melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, or grill them to perfection, our Irish Grass-Fed Short Ribs promise a culinary journey like no other. Elevate your dining experience with these succulent ribs, and experience the true essence of premium beef.

Transform your meals into gourmet delights by choosing our Irish Grass-Fed Short Ribs. Order today and savour the exceptional quality and flavour that only grass-fed beef can provide.

Notes: Cool immediately upon receipt/Store at 0-4°C/Frozen goods should be stored at -18°C/Not suitable for raw consumption/Fully cook before consumption/Do not refreeze thawed frozen goods. 
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