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Premium Quality Club Steak: A Cut Above the Rest

When it comes to premium beef cuts, the Club Steak stands tall among the crowd. This exquisite piece of meat, is a culinary delight that deserves a special place on your dining table. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the world of Club Steak, exploring its origins, unique characteristics, and the perfect way to prepare it to perfection.

Unravelling the Club Steak

The Club Steak, often referred to as the "king of steaks," is a cut that exudes luxury and flavour. Named after the esteemed country clubs where it gained popularity among affluent Americans, this cut hails from the rear portion of the beef loin, just behind the ribeye. It is renowned for its distinct L-shaped bone.

It's worth noting that the Club Steak doesn't include a Filet portion, as seen in its counterpart, the T-Bone Steak. However, the Striploin in this cut more than compensates for it. Its exquisite tenderness and flavour make it a prime choice for discerning palates.  The Club Steak, with its flavourful bone-in section, offers a delightful dining experience and is notably easier to cook compared to its counterparts.

The Origin of Our Club Steak

Not all beef qualifies for our exclusive Dry Aged Beef selection. At Gourmet-Experts, we exclusively offer carefully curated cuts such as the Striploin in top-notch Dry Aged quality. Our meat comes exclusively from Heifers, a term used to describe female cows that have not yet calved. Unlike young bulls, Heifers have inherently higher intramuscular fat content from the beginning. This feature results in a consistent marbling throughout the meat, delivering a wonderfully tender, juicy, and aromatic Club Steak.

As a premium meat supplier, we source only the finest heifers, ensuring top-quality. Post-slaughter, the beef cuts are categorized based on various quality criteria, and we select only the best, upholding our commitment to excellence.

The Art of Dry Aging

The magic of Dry Aged Beef lies in the carefully controlled aging process within our butchery's cold room, lasting a minimum of 56 days on the bone. Dry Aged Beef is a nod to traditional meat aging techniques, reminiscent of the days of our ancestors. Unlike the now common method of Wet-Aging, where meat is aged in vacuum-sealed bags, Dry Aging involves open-air hanging of the meat on the bone.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the plate. Our steak is frozen at a bone-chilling -48°C, preserving its freshness and taste until it reaches your kitchen.

Recommended Preparation Methods

On the Grill

  1. Remove the steak from the refrigerator an hour before cooking.
  2. Unwrap the steak and pat it dry with kitchen paper.
  3. Prepare the grill with two zones: direct and indirect heat.
  4. Preheat the direct zone to maximum heat.
  5. Season the steak generously with high-quality salt.
  6. Place the steak on the hot, direct zone and grill for approximately 1 1/2 minutes per side.
  7. Move the steak to the indirect zone (ideal temperature 120°C).
  8. Insert a meat thermometer into the centre of the steak and cook to your desired internal temperature.
  9. Once the target temperature is reached, remove the steak from the grill and let it rest for 4-5 minutes.
  10. Slice and serve, optionally adding a high-quality Salt & Pepper or rub for extra flavour.

In the Pan and Oven

  1. Remove the steak from the refrigerator an hour before cooking.
  2. Unwrap the steak and pat it dry with kitchen paper.
  3. Season the steak generously with high-quality salt.
  4. Preheat a heavy pan (preferably cast iron) over high heat.
  5. Add a small amount (2-3 tablespoons) of high-heat cooking oil (e.g., sunflower or rapeseed oil) to the pan and wait until the oil is hot.
  6. Preheat the oven to 120°C.
  7. Place the steak in the pan and sear for about 1 1/2-2 minutes per side until it achieves a beautiful sear.
  8. After searing, insert a meat thermometer into the centre of the steak, remove it from the hot pan, and transfer it to an ovenproof dish.
  9. Cook in the oven to your desired internal temperature.
  10. Once the target temperature is reached, remove the steak from the oven and let it rest for 4-5 minutes.
  11. Slice and serve, optionally adding a high-quality Salt or rub for extra flavour.

Recommended Internal Temperatures

  • Rare (English): 48 - 52°C
  • Medium Rare: 52 - 54°C
  • Medium: 56 - 58°C
  • Medium Done: 58 - 60°C
  • Well Done: 60 - 62°C


The Club Steak, with its roots in the rear of the beef, is a true carnivore's delight. Its rich marbling, succulent texture, and mild yet flavourful taste make it a standout choice for any culinary occasion. Whether you're grilling it to perfection or savouring it with your preferred doneness, the Club Steak is a cut above the rest. Elevate your dining experience with this remarkable piece of meat and revel in its exceptional taste and quality.

Remember, mastering the art of Club Steak preparation is an adventure in itself, one that promises gastronomic bliss with every bite. So, fire up the grill or heat up the skillet and let the culinary journey begin. The Club Steak awaits, ready to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Enjoy the culinary excellence that the Club Steak brings to your table. Grill it, savour it, and relish the exquisite flavour of this exceptional beef cut.

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