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Dry Aged Rib Eye Steak

Rib Eye is a highly sought-after Steak that comes from the rib muscle of the cow. It is known for its exceptional juiciness and tenderness, as it is rich in intramuscular fat that melts during cooking, making the meat tender and Succulent from the inside.

Dry Aged Entrecôte (FR), Rib Eye Steak (EN), Fore Rib (EN), Zwischenrippenstück 

Rib Eye steaks are often celebrated for their robust flavor. This is attributed to the high fat content that imparts flavors and richness during the cooking process. The marbling of the meat, which refers to the distribution of fat and muscle tissue, contributes to an exceptional flavor balance.

The Rib Eye Steak is an ideal choice for a special dinner or a special occasion. It can be prepared on the grill or in a pan and pairs exceptionally well with fresh herbs and garlic.

Whether enjoyed in a minimalist fashion with a sprinkle of salt and pepper or accompanied by a delicate sauce, the Rib Eye Steak offers a distinctive culinary experience that is a must-try. Allow yourself to be pampered by the tender meat and intense flavors!

The Rib Eye ranks among the most popular steak cuts. It is situated "between the ribs" (in French: Entre-Côte). The American term Rib Eye refers to the eye-shaped muscle in the center of the steak.

Dry Aged Rib Eye Steak – its location:

The Rib Eye is located just behind the Prime Rib in the beef's back section. It is more tender than the Prime Rib due to its slightly lower connective tissue content. Following the Rib Eye is the Rump Steak/Sirloin, which in turn is leaner than the Rib Eye.

What sets Entrecote apart from Rib Eye Steak?

Rib Eye is the American term for this popular cut, referring to the eye-shaped muscle at the center of the steak. In contrast, the French term "Entrecôte" describes the position of the meat in the beef's back: "between the ribs" (in French: "Entre-Côte"). In terms of the cut, there are few differences between the two variations. The American Rib Eye Steak is typically sourced from the area towards the Chuck Back rib section.

Dry Aging - The Aging

Dry Aged Entrecote (Rib Eye) is aged for a minimum of 56 days on the bone under controlled conditions, in our refrigerated room. During dry aging, the meat is hung openly on the bone under perfect conditions, as opposed to the vacuum-sealed bags used in the more common traditional aging method known as wet aging. Dry Aged Beef gains flavor and intensity through this dry aging process.

Dry aging is our specialty! We have specialized in the art of perfect meat aging. Besides the right aging conditions like temperature, air composition, and storage, the origin and the proper selection of the meat also play a crucial role. We have found the right combination for the finest Dry Aged Beef – making the enjoyment of Dry Aged Entrecote a true highlight.

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