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The Ultimate Guide to Flank Steak: Unleash the Flavour of Irish Beef

If there's one cut of beef that has taken the culinary world by storm, it's the Flank Steak. In the USA, it's a BBQ staple, and its popularity is spreading like wildfire across the globe. Why, you ask? Because when prepared right, there's no steak quite as tender and flavourful as the Flank Steak.

Getting to Know Flank Steak

The Flank Steak, also known as Bavette, hails from the abdominal muscles of the cow. What sets it apart are its long muscle fibers, which make it perfect for slow-cooking. But don't be mistaken; it's equally delightful when grilled or seared. This cut is all about tenderness and rich flavour.

Mastering the Art of Flank Steak Preparation

Unfortunately, it's still all too common for Flank Steaks to end up minced or in sausages at the local butcher. However, this cut deserves better treatment. The key to unlocking its full potential lies in the preparation.

Marinating Magic

Before hitting the grill, marinate your Flank Steak with a mix of sugar and salt. This infusion of flavour enhances the steak's taste and tenderness.

High-Heat Searing

For that perfect sear, crank up the heat and sear your Flank Steak on both sides. and finishing it with a sprinkle of salt for that ideal flavour boost. 

The Art of Slicing

Here's a crucial tip: after grilling or searing, always slice the Flank Steak lengthwise along the grain, and then cut it into thin slices (about 0.5 cm) against the grain. This method ensures a tender and delightful dining experience, as cutting it the wrong way can make it somewhat challenging to chew.

Pro Tip: Leftover Flank Steak Delight

Should you find yourself with some leftover Flank Steak (although it's quite rare!), consider turning it into a mouth-watering sandwich. You'll undoubtedly pique the curiosity of your colleagues during lunchtime!

The Grass-fed Advantage

The secret to the exceptional taste of Irish grass-fed beef lies in what these cattle eat. Grass-fed beef, as opposed to grain-fed, is renowned for its superior taste and nutritional profile. The cattle in Ireland are predominantly grass-fed, meaning they feed on a diet of fresh, nutrient-rich grass. This natural diet imparts a unique depth of flavour and tenderness to the meat, making it a standout choice.

A Legacy of Quality: Family-Run Irish Farms

One of the reasons Irish grass-fed Flank Steak stand out is the commitment to sustainability. The cattle's natural grazing practices are not only better for their health but also for the environment. Sustainable farming methods, including rotational grazing and minimal pesticide use, are standard in Irish cattle farming.

Ethical Standards

Furthermore, Irish beef producers adhere to strict ethical standards. Animal welfare is a top priority, ensuring that the cattle live healthy, stress-free lives. This commitment to ethical farming practices is reflected in the quality of the beef

Flank Steak: A Hidden Gem

In the USA, Flank Steak is an iconic cut often featured in BBQ feasts. It originates from the belly of the cow and goes by various names, including Flankensteak, Hose, Bavette Steak, or Bavette de Flanchet. Despite being lean, it bursts with flavour. When prepared correctly, it transforms into a tender, incredibly aromatic delight.

Black Angus Beef: A Cut Above

Black Angus cattle trace their roots to the fertile coastal regions of Eastern Scotland. They are a crossbreed of the hornless "Doddies" from Angus Province and the equally hornless "Humlies" from Aberdeen. The result is known as Aberdeen Angus, but it's better recognized as Black Angus due to its predominantly black coloration.

Black Angus cattle have become one of the most popular beef cattle breeds globally, cherished for their superior meat quality.

Irish Angus Flank Steak is a culinary masterpiece that combines the rich heritage of Ireland's pastures with the excellence of the Hereford breed. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a cooking enthusiast, this steak is sure to elevate your culinary adventures. So, why wait? Order yours....

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