Smoked Irish Atlantic Salmon

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The realm of gourmet delicacies welcomes a classic from the Emerald Isle - the Smoked Irish Salmon. Renowned not only for its authentic origin but also for the intricacy in its preparation, this smoked salmon stands as a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Ireland.

Product Features

Species: Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar)

Smoking Technique: Cold smoked

Presentation: Skilfully sliced

Servings: Apt for a main course or a delectable starter.

State of product:  Shipped Frozen

      A Deep Dive into the Provenance

      The Irish Atlantic Salmon hails from pristine waters, replicating the wild allure of the Atlantic. A genuine product of Ireland, this salmon promises an unrivalled purity, being raised in conditions mirroring their natural habitat.

      In staying true to time-honored traditions, the salmon undergoes a unique smoking process. Using beechwood, and drawing from age-old family traditions from the Meyler family, it imbibes an exquisite smokiness. This artisanal process culminates in a product characterized by a delicate, silky texture, ensuring each bite is a gastronomic revelation that captivates the senses.

      Culinary Inspirations: Serving Suggestions

      To augment the experience of this smoked salmon, consider these delectable serving ideas:

      Pasta Euphoria: Combine the velvety slices of smoked salmon with fresh pasta, drizzling over a generous serving of aromatic pesto for a culinary masterpiece.

      Refreshing Salad: Envision a vibrant strawberry and fennel salad, where the smokiness of the salmon perfectly contrasts the sweetness of strawberries, culminating in a symphony of flavours.

      Royal Breakfast: Elevate your morning with Eggs Benedict Royale, where the smoked salmon replaces the traditional ham, ensuring each bite is an ode to luxury.

        Storage and Consumption Recommendations

        For those seeking to savour the pristine taste of this salmon, heed these storage guidelines:

        Refrigeration: The salmon remains fresh in its vacuum-packed state in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. For optimal flavour, it is best enjoyed within seven days.

        In the vast world of seafood, the Smoked Irish Salmon stands peerless. A genuine product of Irish culinary traditions, it offers an experience, both authentic and unparalleled. Whether served in sophisticated dishes or enjoyed solo, it promises a culinary journey that reminisces the rich flavours of Ireland.

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