Prime Irish Beef Burgers 6x180g

Funder´s Finest - 28,09€kg

Frozen ❆❆❆


Introducing our Prime Irish Angus Grass-Fed Steak Beef Burgers, the epitome of gourmet dining. Crafted from the finest Angus beef sourced from Ireland's lush pastures, these burgers promise an unrivaled taste experience. 

Our commitment to ethical farming means our Angus cattle graze on natural, nutrient-rich grasses, resulting in beef that's exceptionally flavorful and tender. You can enjoy these burgers with the confidence that they are free from hormones, antibiotics, and artificial additives.

Grill, pan-fry, or barbecue these burgers to perfection, and savor the rich, juicy flavor that comes with premium Angus beef. Whether you're hosting a backyard BBQ or creating a weeknight dinner masterpiece, our Prime Irish Angus Grass-Fed Steak Beef Burgers are the perfect choice.

Elevate your burger game with the pinnacle of quality and taste. Order now and discover why these burgers are a favourite among discerning food enthusiasts.

Notes: Cool immediately upon receipt/Store at 0-4°C/Frozen goods should be stored at -18°C/Not suitable for raw consumption/Fully cook before consumption/Do not refreeze thawed frozen goods.
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