Angus Beef Short Ribs

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Frozen ❆❆❆

371,00 kr

Introducing our Irish Angus Grass-Fed Short Ribs, a true delicacy sourced from the lush pastures of Ireland. These ribs offer a remarkable dining experience, known for their exceptional flavour and tenderness.

Our Angus cattle are raised with care, ensuring that they graze freely on natural, nutrient-rich grasses. This results in meat that's not only flavourful but also packed with essential nutrients. Our commitment to ethical farming means our beef is free from hormones, antibiotics, and artificial additives.

Whether you choose to slow-cook them to achieve melt-in-your-mouth tenderness or Smoke them to perfection, our Irish Angus Grass-Fed Short Ribs will elevate your culinary creations. These succulent ribs are perfect for BBQs, roasts, or hearty stews.

Experience the extraordinary with our Irish Angus Grass-Fed Short Ribs, and savour the rich, authentic taste of premium beef from Ireland. Order today to bring a touch of excellence to your next meal.

Grass-Fed Beef I Raised without hormones or antibiotics I Origin Ireland I Traceability "From Farm to Fork" I No Feedlot animals I Weighed and charged per gram.

Notes: Cool immediately upon receipt/Store at 0-4°C/Frozen goods should be stored at -18°C/Not suitable for raw consumption/Fully cook before consumption/Do not refreeze thawed frozen goods.
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