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Gourmet Experts provides a range of carefully selected meats, including Grass Fed Angus beef, organic Poultry, heritage pork, and wild-caught seafood, all of which are expertly prepared by skilled butchers. We pride ourselves on providing a personalized shopping experience, with detailed product descriptions and helpful tips for cooking and serving. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical farming practices ensures that our customers receive the very best in premium meats, delivered directly to their door.

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When you choose our products at Gourmet Experts, you're not just making a purchase; you're making a conscious choice for your personal health and well-being. Our Grass-fed beef and lamb, raised without hormones or antibiotics, are key ingredients in promoting a healthier lifestyle. But what truly sets us apart is the personal touch we bring to your plate. We maintain weekly contact with the farmers and producers who are not just partners but cherished friends and family. We're not in the business of accepting every animal or product; instead, we carefully select only those that meet our stringent quality standards. This ensures that when you choose us, you receive nothing but the best, from the source to your door. Unlike our competitors who are mere product handlers, we prioritize the integrity of our supply chain, guaranteeing a superior product that you can trust. Make the smart choice for your health and your palate; choose Gourmet-Experts for a truly exceptional culinary experience.

Thank you for choosing us. We look forward to serving you!

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Dry Aged Club Steak

Funders Finest 50,83€Kg
290,00 kr
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Christian ReibsteinCustomer

Super Fleisch vom irischen Angus. Bestellprozess und Lieferung war völlig problemlos. Der Eigentümer Marc ist mit großer Leidenschaft dabei und reagiert sofort auf Anfragen. Ich kann die Gourmet Experts nur empfehlen!

Family Fun and SweetysCustomer

Einfach sagenhaft gutes Fleisch 😍

Brian SmoutBrunch Box

Fantastic, fast friendly and professional service.


Exzellentes Fleisch und ein echter Geheimtipp.
Ist immer ein Highlight, wenn wir uns von hier ein nettes Stück besorgen.

"Eat with Confidence: Our Food is Sustainable and Traceable"

At Gourmet Experts, we believe that food should not only taste great but also be produced sustainably and with full traceability. We are committed to offering you the highest quality food products that are not only good for you but also good for the planet.

All our products are sourced from sustainable farms and fisheries, where we prioritize animal welfare, fair labor practices, and environmentally friendly farming methods. We work directly with our suppliers to ensure that every step of the production process is transparent, from the source of the ingredients to the packaging used.

We also take traceability seriously, so you can feel confident about the food you eat. We track every product from its source to your plate, and we make sure that every ingredient and every process is accounted for. This way, we can guarantee the quality and safety of our products and provide you with peace of mind.

So, whether you're a health-conscious individual, an environmentally aware consumer, or just someone who cares about the quality of their food, you can trust us to deliver products that meet your standards.

Join us in our commitment to sustainability and traceability. Visit our shop to explore our range of products and enjoy food that you can eat with confidence.

Premium Dry Aged Grass-Fed Prime Irish Beef Steaks

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Gourmet Experts

"a CUT above the rest"

Experience the unbeatable quality and freshness of premium cuts, delivered straight to your doorstep, making our online butcher shop the absolute best choice for all your meat needs!

Special Cuts: Grass-Fed Irish Angus Beef at Its Best

Discover the Finest Selection
Premium Steak Mince 20% Fat - Gourmet Experts Ltd
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From 70,00 kr
Premium Steak Mince VL85
Premium Steak Mince 10% Fat - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
From 76,00 kr
Premium Steak Mince VL95
Premium Steak Mince EXTRA Lean - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
From 87,00 kr
Premium Steak Mince VL100 - EXTRA Lean
Irish Beef Sausages - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
96,00 kr
Irish Beef Sausages
Flat Iron Steak - Oyster Blade Steak
No reviews No reviews
From 116,00 kr
Flat Iron Steak - Oyster Blade Steak
Prime Beef Strips VL - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
From 131,00 kr
Prime Beef Strips VL
Flank Steak "Bavette" - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
136,00 kr
Flank Steak "Bavette"
Prime Irish Beef Ox Tongue - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
From 136,00 kr
Beef Ox Tongue
Hanging Tender "Onglet" - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
149,00 kr
Hanging Tender "Onglet"
Beef Shin "Osso Buco" Style - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
153,00 kr
Beef Shin "Osso Buco" Style
Irish Ox - Tail umami-packed - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
186,00 kr
Irish Ox - Tail umami-packed
Premium Beef Liver - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
227,00 kr
Premium Beef Liver

"Experience the Rich Nutrients and Sustainable Sourcing of Irish Sea Salt!"

At Irish Atlantic Sea Salt, Aileen & Michael believe that the best salt is not only rich in nutrients but is also sustainably sourced. That's why Irish Atlantic Sea Salt is carefully hand-harvested from the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ireland.

Irish Atlantic Sea Salt is packed with essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which are essential for maintaining a healthy body. And because Irish Atlantic Sea Salt is unrefined and free from additives, you can be sure that you're getting the purest, most natural salt possible.

But that's not all - Aileen & Michael´s commitment to sustainability means that they take great care to minimize their impact on the environment. Irish Atlantic Sea Salt work with local fishermen and use low-impact harvesting techniques to ensure that their sea salt is sourced in a way that's both responsible and respectful of the ocean's delicate ecosystem.

So if you're looking for a simple, natural way to support your health and wellbeing, try incorporating sea salt into your daily routine. Whether you sprinkle it on your food, add it to your bathwater, or use it as a natural scrub, sea salt is a versatile and nutrient-packed ingredient that can help you look and feel your best.

By choosing Irish Sea Salt, you're not only getting a nutrient-packed seasoning that will enhance the flavor of your food, but you're also making a choice that supports sustainable practices and helps to preserve the health of our planet.

So why settle for ordinary salt when you can experience the rich nutrients and sustainable sourcing of Irish Sea Salt? Try it today and taste the difference!

Grill Packets At its Best.

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Premium Grass-Fed Irish Lamb: Savour the Flavour of Quality and Sustainability

Grass-Fed Irish Beef Charcuterie: Elevating Taste and Sustainability

Immerse yourself in a world of culinary excellence with our ready-to-eat charcuterie, artfully crafted using the finest Grass-Fed Irish Beef. Sourced from local farmers committed to ethical and sustainable practices, our beef boasts unparalleled quality. Each product is conveniently packaged, making it an ideal choice for any occasion. From the robust and flavourful beef salami to our on the go beef snackies, our charcuterie range offers a symphony of tastes and textures. Experience the distinctive richness and tenderness that Grass-Fed Irish Beef brings, elevating your dining experience to new heights. Indulge in the convenience of our thoughtfully crafted charcuterie, knowing that it is a product of responsible sourcing and an unwavering dedication to flavor. Whether you're hosting a gathering or treating yourself to a gourmet delight, our Grass-Fed Irish Beef charcuterie promises to tantalize your palate and leave a lasting impression.

Sizzle up your day with Pork & Bacon

Authentic Irish Sausages - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
65,00 kr
Authentic Irish Sausages
Prime Irish smoked Back Rashers - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
95,00 kr
Prime Irish smoked Back Rashers
Prime Irish Black Pudding - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
62,00 kr
Prime Irish Black Pudding
Prime Irish White Pudding - Blutwurst-Irland
No reviews No reviews
62,00 kr
Prime Irish White Pudding
Premium Back Bacon: Lean, Meaty, and Versatile - Gourmet Experts
No reviews No reviews
87,00 kr
Prime Irish Back Rashers
Prime Irish Back Bacon Loin - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
282,00 kr
Prime Irish Back Bacon Loin
Prime Irish Gammon Fillet - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
549,00 kr
Prime Irish Gammon Fillet

Mixed Grill Packets: A Sumptuous Feast of Flavours in Every Bite

Experience a taste sensation like no other with our enticing mixed grill packets. Bursting with a medley of flavors, these convenient and irresistible packets are a feast for the senses. Each meticulously prepared packet contains a tantalizing assortment of juicy meats, ensuring a symphony of flavours in every bite. With the ease of simply grilling or baking the packet, you can enjoy a gourmet experience in the comfort of your own home or on your outdoor adventures. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the sensational flavors and convenience of our mixed grill packets, a culinary delight that will leave you craving more.

Irish Poultry Delights: Taste the Excellence of Locally-Sourced, Flavorful Birds

Savoury Skeaghanore Duck Legs - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
100,00 kr
Savoury Skeaghanore Duck Legs
Exquisite Dining Skeaghanore Irish Duck - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
225,00 kr 281,00 kr
Exquisite Dining Skeaghanore Irish Duck
Succulent Skeaghanore Duck Wings - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
70,00 kr
Succulent Skeaghanore Duck Wings
Sold Out
Smoked Skeaghanore Duck Breast - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
146,00 kr
Smoked Skeaghanore Duck Breast

"Join Our Culinary Adventure: Become a Brand Ambassador for Authentic Irish Delights!"

Calling all food enthusiasts and lovers of Irish cuisine! We are seeking passionate individuals to become brand ambassadors for our online food shop featuring a delightful array of authentic Irish products. As a brand ambassador, you will have the opportunity to share your love for Irish produce, promote our carefully curated selection, and engage with a community of like-minded foodies. From rich Grass Fed Angus beef to organic Poultry, heritage pork, and wild-caught seafood, our products embody the essence of Ireland's culinary excellence. If you're ready to join us in celebrating the flavors of the Emerald Isle and spread the joy of Irish cuisine, apply now to become a valued brand ambassador. Let's embark on a delicious journey together!

Irish Smoked Salmon Delicacies: Experience the Rich Flavours of Tradition and Quality

Smoked Irish Atlantic Salmon
Hot Smoked BBQ Irish Atlantic Salmon - Gourmet Experts Ltd
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From 167,00 kr
Hot Smoked BBQ Irish Atlantic Salmon
Wild Atlantic Irish Crab Meat - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
415,00 kr 570,00 kr
Wild Atlantic Irish Crab Meat
Smoked Irish Atlantic Salmon - Gourmet Experts Ltd
No reviews No reviews
From 195,00 kr
Smoked Irish Atlantic Salmon