Premium Steak Mince VL85

Funder´s Finest - 20.74€kg
158,00 kr

Premium Steak Mince 20% Fat 

Elevate your recipes with the exceptional quality of our Grass-Fed Irish Steak Mince. Sourced from the lush pastures of Ireland, our mince is a testament to ethical farming and superior taste. Each bite reflects the natural goodness of cattle raised on open fields, resulting in a lean and flavourful ground beef that's rich in nutrients.

Our Grass-Fed Irish Steak Mince is the perfect foundation for a variety of dishes. Whether you're crafting mouth-watering burgers, hearty Bolognese sauces, or flavourful meatballs, its versatility shines through. With its exquisite marbling and unbeatable taste, every creation becomes a culinary masterpiece.

By choosing grass-fed beef, you're not only indulging in premium quality, but also supporting sustainable farming practices. Our beef is free from hormones, antibiotics, and artificial additives, ensuring that you're making a mindful choice for your family's table.

Unleash your culinary creativity with our Grass-Fed Irish Steak Mince. From comforting classics to innovative dishes, this versatile ingredient is ready to delight your taste buds and enhance your cooking. Order now and experience the true essence of quality ground beef, straight from Ireland's green pastures.  

Notes: Cool immediately upon receipt/Store at 0-4°C/Frozen goods should be stored at -18°C/Not suitable for raw consumption/Fully cook before consumption/Do not refreeze thawed frozen goods.
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